Want to Localize Your Own Wardrobe?

Here are some things to look for/ask yourself if you want to try to cloth yourself within your own fibershed, or even just in the US, or simply get the synthetics out of your wardrobe: Is the original fiber grown, processed and sewn in my state or within a 150 mile radius? If not, is... Continue Reading →


Heathered Tees & Stretchy Jeans No More

I'll be writing more about the shift to all (or mostly) organic and natural clothing as I go along-I am in the middle of it. I'm inspired to take the synthetics out of my wardrobe, mostly because the synthetics get into our waterways and oceans (and soils) and do not break down and wreak havoc... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins, Part 2

A Dying Industry & Hidden Costs in America There’s a lot of history behind why there is hardly any textiles being produced in America anymore. In a nutshell, with trade agreements etc. through the 80's and 90's all of our textile production move to China. And I am not OK with that. The Chinese do... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins I’m so excited to begin this blog. The journey actually already began a few weeks ago or some would say many years ago. My mother taught me how to knit at about the age of eight. I am now almost 57. Since I am now post menopausal (I mean come on we... Continue Reading →

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