A Magical Field Trip

This is a short video I made of the field trip hubby and I went on yesterday, to tour the Valley Oak Wool Mill in Woodland California.
I can’t tell you how magical it was to see beautiful old yarn making machinery brought back to life. I have ancestors from Yorkshire and Cheshire England which were big textile manufacturing areas and so the sight of these machines stirs something in me.
Beautiful local yarn being made right here in California!  An inspirational part of the Fibershed movement, to bring textile, fiber and yarn production back down to local and regional levels.
And Marcail, the owner and sole employee at Valley Oak is amazing. Seriously I want to fangirl her! She is the epitome of someone with a dream who just goes out an does it. She is the epitome of a strong woman with a can-do attitude!
You can also find Valley Oak Wool Mill on Instagram and on Facebook


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