This is Good Bye or If You Give a Hobbit an iPhone

I’ve been thinking a lot about something this week, while I lay flat on my back after an injury. It’s one of those things I can’t rush. So here I am with my thoughts, and a list of things around the farm that are not getting done. 
We have had to do an incredible amount... Continue Reading →

A Magical Field Trip

This is a short video I made of the field trip hubby and I went on yesterday, to tour the Valley Oak Wool Mill in Woodland California. I can’t tell you how magical it was to see beautiful old yarn making machinery brought back to life. I have ancestors from Yorkshire and Cheshire England which... Continue Reading →

Please Watch This Video

This video makes me so proud of our knitting  community and the conversations we've been having lately. It is such a good resource for people trying to navigate racism, not just as it pertains to the knitting community, but in general as well. These lovely people take the time to literally define terms we may... Continue Reading →

Shifting the Knitting Community

Note: If you came here to read about yarn or knitting, please, stick with me, and read this.  It is really important. A Shift A few days ago, I logged onto Instagram and saw that several people were speaking about "something" that had happened and it took some reading and digging to understand what had transpired... Continue Reading →

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