Podcasts, YES! Podcasting, Not So Much

Edited: See PS at bottom.
OK my first podcast was a lot more work than I though.  I don’t think many people realize the time and details that go into what most of us consider an hour of entertainment, or as I call it “Yarn TV”.   I spent three days editing, cuing up the music just so, filming and adding in B roll stuff and editing out all of my weird facial expressions or moments of being tongue tied.  I can’t say I want to repeat that.

Why? Well, here’s the thing. I’m getting older. I’m 57. In the last few years I had quite the run of friends, between the ages of 53 and 72 die of cancer. And I’ve come to realize that this whole gig has an end. The bus eventually reaches it’s destination and you exit the bus.  So my time here is finite.  And I have very strong feelings about not wanting to get to the end of my life and when people talk about me they say “Hey she posted great stuff on Facebook”, or “I loved her Instagram photos!”  Nope. That’s not how I want to be remembered.
I want to spend my time on tangible things. Tactile things. And being “out there” (in Nature, in the world, in the moment), versus “in here”-in this little box or device, on electric waves that sort of have no real existence…

So barring me making some Nobel worthy discovery in my later years, I’m going to be leaving behind things I was passionate about. Genealogy records and a massive, fat and fleshed out family tree, some good family stories, sweaters, and quilts.  That’s it.  Not all of us live BIG lives, and that’s OK. My family tree is full of people who lived small lives, farmed, had moments of joy and sorrow and died.  I have a few cherished pieces from some of them, but that’s it.  But I want the things I leave behind to be more solid than a Facebook post.

So I’m going to give you some suggestions for podcasts I love, and remind you that if you DO watch (or listen to) podcasts SUPPORT THOSE PEOPLE.  Most of them do not ask for any compensation, but if they sell yarn, buy some, if they have a Patreon account, send a few dollars their way, or just send them a gift. But support them. What they do takes a lot of time and energy.

Here are the podcasts I watch pretty regularly. I have many others in queue that I haven’t even checked out yet. I have to say, I find myself drawn to a lot of the ones that are very chilled out, like after watching one you feel like you’ve just done meditation or something…but not all of them 😉

*A special note about Fruity Knitting-These folks are doing a serious, very professional and amazing job of making yarn TV. They are (that I know of) the only ones with a Patreon account, so please be sure to check them out-especially if the world of knitting is new to you. And please support them if you can.

There are tons more suggestions here, here and here.

I love sharing what I do, but for now, I’ll be doing that over on Ravelry and on Instagram, where you can find me as @NorCalFiberTales, and here as well.

Happy podcast watching and don’t forget to support your podcasters! Those videos take more time than you may realize!!

Edit: Well, the more I watch other people’s podcasts the more I do still want to do “something”…so maybe something akin to a “V-log” or a very short podcast…So we’ll see…



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