Show Notes Podcast #1

My very first podcast! Where I talk a lot, and show off lots of amazing yarn and a few WIP’s.

Show Notes:
A little note at the very beginning about the VERY end of the show (the music**) if you make it through, stay to the very end of the podcast. The music changes, and I love that shift-love the song!! **See below for link
Events and Classes:
Lambtown Festival –
Alicia Reyes at Fiber Circle studio –
Brooke Sinnes at Sincere Sheep – Note: In the Intro, there are 6 colors of yarn hanging on my clothesline from the class I took with Brooke. Those are Madder and Marigold (orange), Marigold (yellow), Indigo and Marigold (green), Indigo and Logwood (Navy), Logwood and Madder (purple), and Logwood (paler blue-purple).

Sheep and their owners I follow on social media:
I’m a sheep groupie! Here’s some of the sheep (and their people) that I follow on Instagram:
Lily Warne Wool @lily.warne
Her son the Dartmoor Shepherd @dartmoorshepherd
and @dartmoorlambert

Yarns Shown:
Houndstooth Fiber Arts –
(and more about Targhee sheep/wool:
Zombie Yarns –
Homestead Hobbyist
Shaggy Bear farms in Scio Oregon: email:
And homespun pokeberry dyed yarn by Marcail McWilliams see Valley Oak Wool Mill below

Other yarns mentioned in my WIP’s:
Blue Moon Fiber Arts Targhee Worsted is the yarn I’ll be using, the color is Neptune
On my Throwback Sweater the main color is Plymouth Homestead Aran yarn, color 02 and
Spincycle Yarn’s Dream State is the contrasting colors on my Throwback.
In Northern California we have several mills:
Valley Oak Wool Mill – and a great article about the mill and it’s amazing owner
Mendocino Wool and Fiber Co.
and several other listed here on the US National Mill Inventory and

Designers mentioned:
Andrea Mowry –
Comfort Fade Cardigan –
Find your fade shawl – and
Throwback sweater-

Carol Feller’s Stolen Stitches –
Her upcoming Tangential Blues KAL
Also Mossy Way
Kate Davies –
Carbeth Cardigan by Kate Davies
Carbeth Pullover

And last but not least the amazing
Fibershed –

**And the Music is from song is No Time Like The Present





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