Lambtown, Classes & My First Podcast!

I had SO much fun at Lambtown last weekend! There was so much to do that I could have spent a week there!
Not only did they have a trade show, with vendors in two buildings and tons of yarn, roving and other fiber-related things, but there were also classes, and the sheepier end of things-the different breeds that you could check out, sheep dog trials, wool show and sales and a lot more!

I tried to take photos of the vendor areas but a lot of them came out fuzzy, so here’s a few to share…

And some from the two classes I took:
One on acid dyeing yarn with Alicia Reyes of Fiber Circle Studio

And one with Brooke Sinnes of Sincere Sheep on Natural dyeing.

And I STILL didn’t find time to spend looking at the sheep, and the wool. Ah, next year!

And to top it all off, I had such a fun time, and came home with so much yarn that I want to share about, so I decided to make my very own podcast! Still working on it, and it is weird to see myself on video, but stay tuned…it’s in the works!!!





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