Podcasts, YES! Podcasting, Not So Much

Edited: See PS at bottom. OK my first podcast was a lot more work than I though.  I don't think many people realize the time and details that go into what most of us consider an hour of entertainment, or as I call it "Yarn TV".   I spent three days editing, cuing up the music... Continue Reading →


Lambtown Festival Now Largest In State!

Here's a little wrap-up on the Lambtown Festival that happened recently in Dixon, CA.  With over 3,100 people in attendance over the weekend, Lambtown is now the largest sheep and wool show in the state!!  Just call us Rhinebeck's little sister!  It was amazing, yet cozy, and there were lots of local and regional vendors... Continue Reading →

Show Notes Podcast #1

My very first podcast! Where I talk a lot, and show off lots of amazing yarn and a few WIP's. Show Notes: A little note at the very beginning about the VERY end of the show (the music**) if you make it through, stay to the very end of the podcast. The music changes, and... Continue Reading →

It’s UP!!

My very first video podcast is up! Link here: https://youtu.be/M20Y-KfTJj4 Please watch, share, and subscribe, and if you have (gentle) critiques I'd love to hear them-I'm no pro at video taping or editing, just passionate about yarn! You can also find me on Instagram and Ravelry as @NorCalFiberTales.            


Looking forward to the Lambtown Festival in Dixon California tomorrow and Sunday, Oct. 6 & 7. If you've never heard of it but you like sheep, wool and yarn you should check it out.  It's pretty much heaven for knitters, spinners etc. and it's a great chance to meet a lot of regional folks doing... Continue Reading →

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