Lambtown Festival Now Largest In State!

Here's a little wrap-up on the Lambtown Festival that happened recently in Dixon, CA.  With over 3,100 people in attendance over the weekend, Lambtown is now the largest sheep and wool show in the state!!  Just call us Rhinebeck's little sister!  It was amazing, yet cozy, and there were lots of local and regional vendors... Continue Reading →

#NotRhinebeck2018 Autumn Apple Buckwheat Pancakes

Getting way into the spirit of #Rhinebeck2018 (aka New York State Sheep and Wool Festival) even though I'm officially in the group we label #notrhinebeck2018 as in not at the festival, but hey, I had #Lambtown a few weeks ago so I'm on a yarn diet anyway. Hubby and I made Buckwheat Apple Pancakes this... Continue Reading →

Lambtown, Classes

I had SO much fun at Lambtown last weekend! There was so much to do that I could have spent a week there! Not only did they have a trade show, with vendors in two buildings and tons of yarn, roving and other fiber-related things, but there were also classes, and the sheepier end of... Continue Reading →


Looking forward to the Lambtown Festival in Dixon California tomorrow and Sunday, Oct. 6 & 7. If you've never heard of it but you like sheep, wool and yarn you should check it out.  It's pretty much heaven for knitters, spinners etc. and it's a great chance to meet a lot of regional folks doing... Continue Reading →

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