Yarn Candy and a Few Important Videos

A recent conversation talking about the similarities between the organic food movement and the Fibershed (localized clothing/yarn/fiber) movement got me to thinking that the superwash yarn in America-you know the buzzword names that everyone is so hot over that are ALL about the color-is a lot like candy. Yarn candy. The craze for this yarn... Continue Reading →

Want to Localize Your Own Wardrobe?

Here are some things to look for/ask yourself if you want to try to cloth yourself within your own fibershed, or even just in the US, or simply get the synthetics out of your wardrobe: Is the original fiber grown, processed and sewn in my state or within a 150 mile radius? If not, is... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins, Part 2

A Dying Industry & Hidden Costs in America There’s a lot of history behind why there is hardly any textiles being produced in America anymore. In a nutshell, with trade agreements etc. through the 80's and 90's all of our textile production move to China. And I am not OK with that. The Chinese do... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins I’m so excited to begin this blog. The journey actually already began a few weeks ago or some would say many years ago. My mother taught me how to knit at about the age of eight. I am now almost 57. Since I am now post menopausal (I mean come on we... Continue Reading →

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