Listening, Learning & Having Conversations

It's been a difficult but fruitful week in the knitting world. (See my previous post if you don't know what I'm talking about). I wanted to share some of the things I've learned, and link to some amazing people that I didn't know existed until this week. What I've learned-Listen up white people: Diversity matters.... Continue Reading →


Shifting the Knitting Community

Note: If you came here to read about yarn or knitting, please, stick with me, and read this.  It is really important. A Shift A few days ago, I logged onto Instagram and saw that several people were speaking about "something" that had happened and it took watching NinjaChickens video to understand what had transpired. In... Continue Reading →

Episode 3 is up!!

Podcast Episode three is now up! In which I show off two new FO's and demonstrate that I need a nap before podcasting 😀 And if you haven't checked out my first two episodes, hop on over to my channel on Youtube!  And please be patient with me, I'm a newbie and have a lot... Continue Reading →

Just Taking a Little Break

I have not given up on Podcasting, I've just gotten busy with a few things. First, my video editing software is badly out of date and I'm trying to get the right version and get it downloaded on a limited rural data plan... Second, with the terrible Camp Fire happening across the valley, we had... Continue Reading →

Podcast #2 Links

Show Links: My Youtube Podcast Channel can be found here: Valley Oak Wool Mill:
 Carbeth Cardigan:
 Carol Feller’s Tangential Blues KAL (Knit A Long) Tangential Blues Pattern:
 Selvage Knits Podcast: Selvage Knits Website:
 Plystre Bags:
 Ninja Chickens Podcast: Christine Kane Music: Fibershed: Fibershed Affiliates:... Continue Reading →

Lambtown Festival Now Largest In State!

Here's a little wrap-up on the Lambtown Festival that happened recently in Dixon, CA.  With over 3,100 people in attendance over the weekend, Lambtown is now the largest sheep and wool show in the state!!  Just call us Rhinebeck's little sister!  It was amazing, yet cozy, and there were lots of local and regional vendors... Continue Reading →

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